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Artist Call:

Project Thank YOu

As an artist, I cannot give vaccines or nurse those who are ill back to health. I can’t teach students virtually, or care for the elderly. But I can tell stories. I can show experiences. I feel that each and every one of you has a very important story to tell, that has improved and impacted our lives insurmountably in the last year. And that’s something I would love to honor.
Project Thank You is my way of giving back. I am working on a series of portraits that show the face of the front line. Each nominee will serve as a muse, to show and tell a very important message. To see the struggle in a persons eyes, to see their dedication to helping those in need, to feel the weight of the situations we are all in. It’s a side that I feel is overlooked. In painting each of you, I hope to capture that as inspiration. And to say thank you in the only way I can. Each nominee will receive their portrait as a gift when the project has completed.
Perhaps you have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle, or maybe you’ve helped in a quieter way. If you feel like you have dedicated your life to improving those of others this year, you have and we want your voices heard. If you know of someone that you feel deserves to be recognized, you may also nominate someone else. Just be sure to get their permission before sharing personal information.
Surgeons in Operating Room
Paint Brushes

Show Your Story

Send a photo of you. It can be a simple selfie. It doesn’t have to be beautiful. Tired eyes, mask scars, sad (or happy) tears, relieved smiles... it’s all beautiful because it is who you are. Masks, PPE, and anything else that is important for what you do is strongly encouraged as well.
In a few sentences, tell what this last year has been like for you. How have you felt? How has COVID-19 effected your life? What has this person been through while helping others? It doesn’t have to be long, a short paragraph is fine, whatever you feel is something you want others to know.
Who is invited to apply:
Medical Professionals (nurses, doctors, students, pharmacists, etc.)
Medical Volunteers (vaccine clinics, testing site staff, public service volunteers)
Essential Workers (janitors, maintenance professionals, etc.)
Long Term Care Professionals
Food, Hospitality, and Grocery Workers
ANYONE else who feels they have impacted others lives


Send the following information to with the subject “Project Thank You”






Preferred contact method*

(If nominating another person please provide their contact information as well as a note stating you received their consent to share their story)


*We will not share any contact information or last names publicly at any time during this project

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