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ATS Evolution

User Experience and Interface design and marketing for a software company specializing in creating and maintaining training programs for emergency and disaster management

As a part of a full company rebrand, I served as the creative director for ATS Evolution. This initiative included updates to existing logos, new branding for software and applications, updated signage and marketing collateral, and community out reach efforts. Additionally, I served as the User Experience designer to plan and style layouts of internal and external websites, applications, and technology products for an innovative and user-friendly interface. I also created graphic work for community service projects, trade shows, and social media.

ATS Evolution was a branch of Applied Training Solutions, a software and management company that works with local, national, and international organizations to provide training programs to emergency and disaster preparedness agencies via apps and digital software. They focus in virtual systems that help educate and train military, first-responder, and cyber security personal.

Project Details

Branding and Advertising Design

During my time with ATS, I rebranded many aspects of the company including logos, print and digital marketing materials, internal collateral such as business cards and presentation templates, and signage.

Application and UI Design

As UI/UX designer, I created framework and styling for company websites and applications. I either directed completion of final design through another source or coded the products myself

Trade Show Materials

As part of an initiative to revamp ATS current marketing collateral utilized in an event sense, I created new brochures for their products, physical hand-outs, as well as trade show booths for company shows at industry specific events such as I/ITSEC.

Community Service & Outreach

With ATS Evolution's release of an application to manage and keep up with the events of the Special Olympics Winter Games, I created and implemented application branding and promotional cards used to market the app at the events.
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