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Concept Collections & Early Works

It's important for designers to constantly be challenging themselves to learn new things and experiment with ideas

Over the years, I have completed many different theoretical design projects. Some of these were for educational purposes while I was completing my undergraduate and certification degrees. Also, I have challenged myself consistently to try new concepts and take on projects that I would inspire to do one day. If I see a design opportunity that I feel would benefit a company, I will attempt it myself to experience what the process would be like.

Design is not just my career, it is my hobby as well. I often design for enjoyment, and although these are concept pieces, they aid in my own personal growth and development as a designer.

Project Details


Over the years, I have developed many logos available for purchase, but otherwise just concept art. Creating logos is something I find great enjoyment in and I believe experimentation gives you insight into perfecting the craft.

Levi Strauss & Co. Rebrand

The purpose of this rebrand is to combine the old style of tradition and American pride with the new, fashion forward style of Levi's to create a company as rich in quality as community. I wanted to challenge myself to try to make one of the oldest and most well-known brands even better and stretch my limits.

Publication & Book Design

I had the opportunity to create a redesigned version of one of my favorite books, Alice in Wonderland, while in university. I also was given the challenge of creating an edition of Fast Company Magazine - Pixar Feature, as an experiment in publication production

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

One of my favorite challenges was to try to create a new marketing idea for a well known attraction. The focus is based in the idea of the zoo being so near to visitors and appeals to a wide audience age-group.
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