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Greensburg Community Development Corporation

Marketing, outreach, and print design for a corporation developed for the advancement for the City of Greensburg through marketing of businesses and local opportunities.

During my work with GCDC, I served as graphic designer and media manager working to create and implement campaigns to serve, inspire, and attract the local community. Some of the work I was able to complete were signage designs widely distributed to promote cultural and retail businesses, designing printed collateral for local events, businesses, and opportunities, newsletter and social media campaigns, and individual consultation with growing businesses.

Greensburg Community Development Corporation and their social brand "Think Greensburg" is an organization focused on promoting tourism, business growth, and real-estate opportunities within Greensburg and surrounding ares. Some of the services they provide is event coordination and promotion, social media campaigns, newsletters, advertisement, and creating print and digital collateral to raise viewer awareness to local opportunities.

Project Details

Cultural & Shopping District Signage

I created six designs to advertise and mark the cultural and shopping districts around the city, beginning in 2017 and displayed continuously. The signage campaign was used to promote the classic style of the city, as well as the business that attract visitors.

WHIRL Magazine

In the Explore Greensburg feature in Pittsburgh’s WHIRL Magazine. I chose an area of business in the Greensburg area to promote in the regional Pittsburgh magazine. I featured local established and upcoming breweries, and paired them with local restaurants. I wrote the copy, edited, styled, designed, coordinated, and photo-edited this entire feature.

Shop Local Campaign

I created new printed advertising and window stickers for the Shop Local campaign, a move to keep locals supporting local businesses. I created new stickers that were seasonal so only required printing four times a year. The vinyl stickers are then hung in the windows of shops and restaurants reminding visitors to #ShopGreensburg.

Other Design Work

Other marketing done for The Greensburg Community Development Corporation including self-mailers, postcards, flyers, and advertisements. A few notable projects included a promotional campaign for UBER. As part of my initiative to bring the brand to the city, I created vinyl stickers to distribute to the local bars and restaurants that sparked interest into becoming a driver.
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