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Greensburg YMCA

Branding and Advertising for Greensburg YMCA

During my time as the first Marketing Coordinator for the Greensburg YMCA, I created a full company rebrand in conjunction with modern advertising initiatives. Though analyzing current marketing, I was able to design a full marketing schedule for organization, utilize digital marketing more, and reach new and broadened audiences through my approach.

My primary focus was appealing to the most diverse customer range to attract new members. Through design choices, I increased visibility to underserved populations and develop an inclusive environment. I saw a need for direct to consumer printed collateral to relate to the members who did not utilize social and email marketing, while improving ad design and frequency on social platforms to reach the more tech-savvy set.

Project Details

Print Advertising

Direct to customer printed promotions and informational documents designed for the Y.

Social Media

Full social media rebrand and ad design that I created to appeal to a wider audience and enhance the visual aesthetic for a more modern and professional image.

Event Promotion

Designs created for the promotion of special events and programming.


Updated signage design for ease of comprehension and use within the facilities.
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