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Neverso Fashion

Brand development and advertising of a fashion and style brand including print collateral, signage, media publication, and logo design.

While branding my company, I created a full brand standards including logo design, copywriting, media production and planning, and advertising. As an experiment to branding a company from the ground up, I worked to create a cohesive and inclusive style. I worked in the traditional outlets for retail and fashion, including magazine, physical product branding, packaging, and photography. All of the media was photographed, editing, and produced by me.

NEVER SO is a fashion line created by Darrah Resnick. All natural, environmentally friendly, and handmade. NEVER SO is crafted out of natural and up-cycled vintage pieces for a unique and custom look. Each piece is unique, like its wearer. All paper products, marketing materials, and packaging are made with recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Project Details


Logos, style guides, physical branding including tags and merchandise to differentiate the company and create a unique identity.

Print Advertising

Magazine and catalogue production to advertise and show the brand in a traditional retail marketing outlet.


Theoretical designs of various contemporary and traditional signage to advertise a retail business within the world.

Product Packaging Design

Unique product branding and package design for various products provided by the company.
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