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Seton Hill University

Graphic design work used to promote the university, frequently visited spaces, and community outreach efforts.

During my time at Seton Hill University, as well as continuing to do work for them through the partnership I have fostered, I have worked to create informative, creative, and promotional design work for the University. I worked to create graphic designs that were used in common gathering spaces, promoted events and experience, retail, and was a part of a service project that way aimed at helping local growing businesses through a partnership that connects studying designers with the community.

Seton Hill University is an institute of higher education located in Western, Pennsylvania. They are a liberal arts university focused in medical, business, and arts careers. I attended SHU for 3.5 years, where I completed my undergraduate degrees in Studio Arts and Graphic Design.

Project Details

SHU Retail Marketing

After graduation, I was employed by SHU to market the on-campus and online retail space. I created a social media campaign, photography, and advertising design aimed at customer attraction and retention, as well as store promotion to students and alumni.

Print Marketing

I created periodic advertisements for sports schedules and local business ads for university events and promotions such as Homecoming weekend.

Environmental Signage

I designed decorative elements for use in frequently utilized spaces. These include decorative vinyl wall decals for in the Learning Commons on campus to beautify the space.

Service Projects

As part of a partnership SHU developed with the local community, I had the opportunity to get paired with a growing business to collaborate and create advertisements and decorative art for the front of a developing space. The restaurant was in the process of expanding and needed an artist to help to beautify the space while under construction.
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