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DIY 2021 Pinterest Home Decor Trends and Interior Decorating

Cheap, easy, and damage-free ways to get the hottest interior design trends for your apartment, bedroom, home or office!


Recently, Pinterest has released its much-anticipated annual report on the top emerging trends for the year ahead – including home decor and design elements. Whether you’re just looking to give a room in your home a modern update, or want a Instagram-worthy interior aesthetic that you'll be dying to post, we have laid out several of the easiest (not to mention cost effective) ways to update your home or office this year!

Nail Your Art, Not the Walls

This hack is an absolute lifesaver for your security deposit! Forget trying to get your art to hang just right, and putting unsightly holes in your walls. Let it lean! One of my favorite design trends at the minute is stacked and rested art.

The concept is so simple, anyone can do it. Instead of hanging your pictures, just rest them on the top of a surface against the wall. This can be anything from a dresser or table, even the floor! For large art or heavy mirrors, just lean them against the wall. If you hate empty corners, this is a great way to get rid of dead space.

The reason this looks so beautiful is because it adds interest to two areas at once. The piece serves as a piece of table decor and also wall art. It also adds height to your surfaces without needing to purchase tall decorative pieces.

For some great inspiration, check out our prints on Etsy.

Cozy As a Bug in a Rug

Layer your rugs! A trend dominating boho and cottage chic homes this year is carpet layering. It might seem like a bizarre thought. Why would you stack rugs? Think of it as the throw blanket trend for your floors. The layered rug trend originally started as function, not fashion. Musicians would stack every carpet possible because the soft surface absorbs sound waves and reduces echo. That's why the trend has a very boho-eclectic look.

There’s two factors that this trend is great for: functionality and finances. When you have a large space, sometimes a single carpet just doesn’t cover the right amount of floor. Perhaps your room is an odd shape or size. When you can haphazardly overlap carpets, you have the freedom to choose the shape and size of your floor coverings. It’s also cost effective because large carpets are expensive. Smaller throw carpets are much cheaper, so if you’re on a budget it might be worth a look.

There’s no wrong way to layer rugs, but here’s a good rule to follow. Find one larger carpet (or your existing one) and then use similar color schemes to choose your accent rugs. Play with texture: we love a faux fur or jute style to add dimension. Play around until they look their best!

Bring the Outdoors In

The internet is going crazy for grasses! Pampas - those beautiful, fluffy grasses that look great in floor vases, bunny tails - those little, puffy plants that dress up table arrangements, the world is obsessed with dried grasses! If you’ve jumped on the grass trend, you probably know that they come at a cost. Due to being a natural and delicate product, shipping dried plants is expensive. So look to nature!

Depending on your location, many grasses are native or very commonly used in landscaping! We’re not recommending raiding the neighbors garden by night. Ask first! The great thing about grasses is that when they go to seed at the end of the season, they actually need to be trimmed back! This is a hassle many people hate, so they’d probably be happy for you to take them off their hands!

Look to your neighbors and ever local landscaping companies. Your place of business might even let you harvest some, since grasses are a staple in commercial gardening. Look for dry stalks in the autumn that have lost their green color. Preserve the stalks by coating then lightly with an aerosol hairspray and they should work just as well. And they’re free!

We stole these grasses right out of our own garden!

Go For Broke

One of the best kept secrets of bargain designers is to look for broken and damaged pieces! High ticket item such as furniture are susceptible to damage that greatly reduces the value of the product. Since most people don’t want to pay full price for a scratched or nicked piece, retailers are more likely to cut you a deal on them!

When you're in a store, look for wear and tear on pieces and point it out to the associate. Most of the time they’ll take some money off just to get it out the door. Floor samples - the pieces they keep out for customers to test - usually have some imperfections and can also be discounted. Feeling bold? Just ask the shop if they have any broken pieces in the back they’re willing to let you look at for a price cut.

Remember, play to your strengths! Are you an ace with paint? Does your second cousin refinish wood? Have you always wanted to try “repurposing" like they do on HGTV? Simple wear and tear is easy to fix, not to mention there’s a YouTube video for just about everything! It al gives you the freedom to be creative with your pieces and save some cash on the more investable items.

These Boots Aren’t Just for Walkin’

Whether you’re an avid sneaker collector or splurge on those expensive heels, make use of your shoes by using them as decor! Let’s face it, you probably have a few pairs of shoes that you love but aren’t getting the wear. Display them! Using your existing shelve, nicely showcase your favorite shoes, purses, bags and more!

They don’t even have to be your shoes. If you really love the trend, check out thrift stores for super discounted pairs. Doesn’t even matter what size they are, since they are for decor not wear. Look for unique colors, designs, and embellishments that pair well with your room.

Slip into Something More Comfortable

Have you ever thought about redecorating a room, and figured the most affordable place to start was bedding? Were you then appalled to find out that a throw pillow, even in a discount store, could easily go for up to $30? You’re not alone. At one time, it was quite affordable to change up your pillows and blankets. Now, bedding is one of the biggest investments in interior design.

The solution, slap some new outfits on the ones you already have! Most throw pillows come in standard sizes, meaning you can buy pillow covers and use your existing ones as liners. While you can buy the liners, a liner plus a cover comes out to just about the same cost as a full pillow. Stores like Overstock and Amazon have thousands of different pillow cover options for less than half the cost of a new decorative pillow.

Save your money on throw blankets as well! Just like have layered rugs are in, so are layered beds. The more textures, fabrics, and blankets the better! Our cheapskate tip: buy a plain white bedspread. You can even get a duvet liner. Then layer up with a ton of smaller throw blankets. Full sized throws can get super pricey, but twin or accent blankets are fairly cheap. Since you don’t need them to cover a whole bed, size truly does not matter!

There you have it! Some ways to infuse trendy design into your home that are so easy, anyone can do it! What's your favorite design trends for interior styling and will you be trying any of these tips in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!



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