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We understand the design is not one-size-fits all, and we have a solution for any direction your vision take you.

The design of apps, website interface, software, and technology services 

interactive design 

Environmental signage including banners, billboards, exhibit materials, and signs


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traditional design services

Business cards, brochures, print marketing, flyers and more


Whether it's a logo you need or full company branding, we can build your business a unique and cohesive brand identity and marketing.

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They say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I originally went into design because I have always been a studio artist. I began my career and fell in love with the psychology behind great design and how it has a direct impact on brand's successes. Profits rise where identity and recognition were more of a focus. It was inspiring to see how visual design could benefit the market.
But as I grew my portfolio and began working my way up in the industry, I realized my experiences were teaching me less about successful design and more about how NOT to advertise a company. Either businesses were too set in their ways that they were failing to see that their faults lay in not recognizing what the modern consumer wants and need, or they were so worried about making profit that they were failing to see that they were neglecting their internal team. 
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. I left the industry to start a mission: Reinvent the industry and help companies grow through design. I started DDR Design Co. in the hopes of creating an innovative approach to the design industry. Mixing together consumer satisfaction with modern approaches to traditional advertising, we have a recipe for success.
-Darrah D. Resnick


We offer a wide range of interactive design services for your company or product. We have a team certified in User Experience Design and User Interface Design so that our knowledge of theories and digital design trends stay at the height of innovation. We do user research, prepare data, and create full mockups of design layouts for apps, websites, software and more interactive digital and physical products. We will even work with your company's internal team to help educate and build final products.
Some of our designs include:
App Design
Web Design
App Branding
Video Editing and Advertising
User Research
Social Media Design and Consultation
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Our team is able to create beautiful, full color signage for your company. From small-scale banners to billboards, we craft vibrant, eye-catching advertising for your event, shop, business, or promotion. We will work with your preferred vendors to provide a final product to your desired dimensions. 
Some of our product designs:
Pop Up Signs
Outdoor Signs
Convention Booth Products
Wall Art
Store Front Design
& More
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Traditional design services

We have years of experience in creating all of the traditional design services that your company desires.
Print Advertising
-Business Cards
Product Design
-Promotional Products
-Email Templates
-Presentation Design
-Magazine Layout
Have a specific request? Send us a message for a consultation!
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Welcome to


let us help you build a better brand

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We offer a wide variety of services designed to help you build your brand. Whether it's improving an already existing vision or creating a complete new identity, we have you covered! We can help improve your social presence, discover a new and more modern visual look to your company, or design a new marketing campaign, a free consultation with DDR will have you one step ahead of the competition!

full Branding

Full brand design including consultation, logo and visual design, social media marketing, campaign approaches, tag lines and copy, and more.


Brand advertising and marketing ideas and approaches to best fit your brand. Print ads, visual design, events, and more


Logo concept consultation and creation. May also include tag lines, text, and color.

social media

Social media marketing approaches including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more. Profile creation, templates, visual updates, seminars.

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