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Who's Her Highness?

Being a princess has its perks. And when nobody KNOWS you're the princess... Oh, the things a girl can get away with! But when it's time to take her rightful place on the thrown, will the secret be on her side, or will all that power be her downfall? With a handsome commoner, a loyal crew of misfit friends, and a lovable prince, what could go possibly wrong for Her Highness, Charlotte Fleur Callaghan-Montgomery?

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The New Holiday Romance Novel By Darrah Danielle:


Hi, I'm Darrah

Graphic designer, digital marketer, and visual artist. I began as, and still am, an artist at heart - focusing on painting in the abstract and stylized realism styles. I then set out to crafting a career of using my creative talents to help individuals and companies expand their brand through visual communication and design.


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Graphic Design   |   Digital Marketing   |   Video & Photo Editing   |   Custom Art


I offer a wide variety of design services for all realms of visually branding your company. Whether it is innovative user interface design for your web apps, traditional print advertising, or a fully customized brand consultation, I have the expertise and talent to produce your vision. 



Want to learn more, have a great idea you want to discuss, or want to set up a consultation? Leave us a message! Follow us on our socials to keep up to date with this creative journey.

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